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Tiny House Video Tour #3: BackCountry Containers [Houston, TX – 150 SF]

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Tiny House Builder Series – Video Tour

Tinyhousehold would like to present its all-new “Builders Series”. You may have seen some of our other Tiny House Video tours. Those were from tiny owners that we know. Our Builder Series features business owners and tiny homes that you can actually purchase.

Many people in our community are considering moving into a tiny home. They’ve asked us what’s available out there for purchase. That’s not an easy question to answer. The types of small houses will vary. For example, a container home will appeal to a different person than one on wheels. And the style of these can be drastically different from one to the next.

To help narrow down your preferences, we’ll try to show you as many different types as possible. And we’ll introduce you to some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry to talk you through the specifics.

Even if you’re planning to build your own tiny home, we’re hoping these tiny house tours can serve as inspiration. Our builder-friends have established some of the best practices and incorporated some really cool features into these models. Those handy enough to build their own homes can hopefully benefit from these tiny house video tours.

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Introducing, the 150 SF “Rustic Retreat” Tiny Home

We’re excited to introduce you to BackCountry Containers, located just outside of Houston, Texas. They construct container homes in two sizes.

  • Rustic Retreat (20’)
  • Rustic Retreat XL (40’)

These tiny homes are actually made from shipping containers! Owner, Jon Meier, has an impressive resume having received his Aeronautical Engineering degree from Purdue. He’s used his smarts to turn these otherwise purely functional boxes into beautiful small living spaces.

Jon prides his company on their strength when it comes to the following.

  • Structural Integrity
  • Sealed Environment
  • Mobility
  • Longevity
  • Eco-Friendliness
  • Cost Efficiency

From what we’ve seen, we agree! But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself in the following video and blog post below.

Today’s video tour features the 20-foot Rustic Retreat Tiny Home.

Some impressive features in today’s tour include an 80 SF ground level patio, a 100 SF rooftop deck, and built in bluetooth speakers throughout the home.


Jon begins with the exterior. The tiny home comes equipped with a propane, tankless water heater that is normally attached to the side of the unit. They’ve chosen propane because it provides a much easier transition to off-grid living. Alternatively, an electric, tankless water heater is an option, but tends to be significantly more expensive.

Jon explains that, although this end of the structure has doors, BackCountry Containers seals the doors so that they’re completely waterproof.

We found this feature to be pretty cool… the container has the original tag affixed to the end, showing where it has traveled. Your tiny home will be very cultured! If it could speak, it would probably have some pretty good stories.

tiny house blueprint

The tour continues with Jon explaining the 80 square foot deck that is installed with this model. It serves as a great space for entertaining.

To help with the party, the exterior also features bluetooth speakers, which we haven’t seen in any other tiny homes we’ve toured.

The power source for the Rustic Retreat is very flexible. Electricity can be fed from city power, a generator, or solar panels. While this sounds like it might be a complicated unit, Jon claims that it’s very easy to set up and maintain.

Rooftop Deck

Next, we explore the rooftop deck. Access is provided by a ship ladder, which we thought was clever. A regular ladder would be a little too intense and potentially dangerous for rooftop parties. A full set of stairs really wouldn’t be practical. So this is a great solution.

tiny house rooftop deck

Once on the rooftop, you get a spacious 120 SF for relaxing, entertaining, or whatever you’d like to do up there. It also boasts a great 360 degree view of your surroundings.

The crew at Backcountry Containers must have had us in mind when designing the rooftop entertaining area. They built it to support a large group dance party while safely distributing the weight among the four corners of the structure. Also, the handrails are bolted into the frame with carriage bolts, so you an even host a line dancing event up there without worry.

Inside the Tiny Home

The interior space is just as impressive as the outside. While small (obviously), it’s a very well laid out 150 SF.

There flooring is a wood-style laminate and you get a comfortable, rustic feel from the space. Behind the walls’ wood-paneling is about 4 inches of closed cell spray foam insulation, which creates a vapor barrier inside the shipping container. This keeps the interior at a more moderate and comfortable climate.


Bedroom:  Next we move into the sitting / sleeping area. Every unit comes with a convertible sectional couch, which includes ample storage beneath. A wall mounted TV can be installed on request.

Kitchen:  The kitchen has nice wood countertops with a farmhouse sink. The open shelving above the sink keeps the kitchen area feeling nice an open with basic storage underneath. Every unit comes standard with a mini fridge. The countertop can comfortably host a simple hot plate for cooking.

Every Backcountry Container Tiny Home comes equipped with a ductless mini split air conditioner, which works for both heating and cooling.

The inside of the tiny home also includes bluetooth speakers throughout. You have the option to turn both interior and exterior speakers on or switch from one to another depending on where you are.

Jon then points out that Backcountry containers wanted to make sure there were plenty of windows installed. They use double paned energy efficient windows throughout the home. There’s enough windows throughout the home to create a wonderful cross breeze throughout the home.


Bathroom:  The bathroom has everything you need. A wonderfully rustic barn pocket door hides in the wall nicely. The shower has corrugated galvanized metal for the sides with river rock pebble for the flooring. The window in the shower creates good ventilation for the whole bathroom. The sink is a small space saving sink mounted in the center of the bathroom. The toilet is a basic toilet that is plumbed just like any other house. They do offer composting toilet at no extra cost to save on having a black water tank.

We want to thank BackCountry Container Homes for the Tiny House Video Tour of their Rustic Retreat Container Home. They have integrated technology, efficiency, and craftsmanship all while keeping a beautiful rustic container home. To learn more about BackCountry Containers feel free to visit their website.

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  1. Hi Jon, First, I have to ask and you just have to be the Jon Meier from Anderson HS Indiana?? who else spells their name like that and went to Purdue. I am Carolyn Kennedy….do you remember me? Second I love what you’re doing with the containers. I’ve been thinking about going tiny. I live just east of Austin. Please let me know if you are THE Jon Meier. Thanks.

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