Tiny House Video Tour #2: Fran Camosse [Niceville, FL – 150 SF]

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Tiny House Owner – Fran Camosse

In this Tiny House Video Tour, you get to see “where the sausage is made.” Fran is the owner of TinyHousehold.com and this 150 square foot tiny house, located in Niceville, Florida is the headquarters for the site.

Fran has owned the home for roughly two years. He’d originally planned to build it himself over the course of a year. That plan changed when Tiny House Nation featured him on one of their first episodes. They swooped in and built the house in 10 quick days, while filming the experience.

You can read more about Fran here.

Here’s some highlights from Fran’s Tiny House Tour.

We’re excited to give you a video tour of the TinyHousehold.com headquarters!

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In case you missed any of the specifics, here’s the video transcribed below.


I’m here today to give you a video tour of my tiny house. It’s nestled in Niceville, Florida on a beautiful Meadow on a beautiful day. I’ll be the first to admit, it’s not a perfect tiny house.  There’s some things that I love and things that I wish I could change. I wanted to show you the headquarters of tiny household. It’s an actual tiny house. So make sure you leave your comments below, whether you love it or hate it. I can’t wait to hear you guys.

tiny house video tour Intro

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When did you know you wanted to move into a Tiny House?

I knew I wanted to live tiny a few years before I actually was able to get a tiny house. I was able to travel a lot and just realizing that I didn’t need that much stuff around me to enjoy every day. That specifically came to light when I spent five months and I walked across the country. I had a little jogging stroller that had my food, my clothes, and water. Every day was an adventure. When I got home I just kind of felt restless and needed a new adventure. I discovered tiny houses.

Probably like many of you, you may have stumbled upon it after realizing, “man, I don’t need that much stuff.” And tiny houses is what came of it. I saw something about Jay Shafer and Tumbleweed. Two years after designing and talking to my friends, I went to a Tumbleweed workshop in Boston. When I went inside, it was a guarantee that this was the next step. This was the next adventure.

From deciding to get a tiny house to making it happen, how long did that take?

From deciding to live tiny to making something happen, in the sense of really taking concrete steps, was about three years. I finished my walk in late 2010 and ordered my trailer in late 2013 adn started to build in late 2013.

I continued building and was ready to frame in 2014 (february) and I applied for Tiny House Nation, then “Tiny House Masters.” For some reason, they picked me after a whole bunch of interviews and Skyp interviews with friends and family.

They came out in March of 2014 and built my house in about 10 days.

tiny house nation build

Tiny House Tour

The tiny house is located on a relative’s piece of land in Niceville, FL.

In the living room I made these (benches). There was really nothing over here so I needed something that two people could sit at, that has storage. You can take that tabletop down and it turns into a bench, very simply.

I needed something that was able to travel, that has some good weight to it. You can see I have some storage behind here. More storage underneath here. Storage there. You’re able to open this up. Storage underneath there. It also locks in place. I have my shoe storage. Like I said, this comes down. You can see little parts where it fits into a bench here.

I have beautiful windows that open up and look out onto the magnolia trees.

If you remember the TV show, this bench actually converts. It flips up and turns into a desk. It was a great idea by Zack Giffen and I used it a couple times, but it just isn’t useful for me. I like having more of the storage underneath there. I want to have the AC unit in there and it doesn’t fit. It’s just not as practical as I’d hoped for. But it works great as a sleeping bench when I have guests.

This is my 27 inch computer. It’s very heavy, but I found a wall mount by Newmount that works perfectly. It holds the weight. It can be lifted up or lifted down. It can spin. It does whatever you need. For me it’s perfect. Now I have a perfect little office space.

tiny house video tour benches

The Kitchen

The stove I use is a Dickenson Newport. It heats this place up fairly easily. Especially down here in Florida, there are some cold nights. It does heat up fairly quickly.

This is my kitchen area. It’s pretty straightforward. A little coffee maker. A Keurig coffee maker – it’s a one cup coffee maker. Here’s my Suburban stove, which I do love. For me it’s working out perfectly.

These are all IKEA storage. There’s a magnetic strip up top. For holding all of my utensils, it’s really cool. People love that. It is actually very convenient.

The pride and joy of the kitchen is this Breville oven. I wish I could have it somewhere else, but it works out perfectly there. This thing can cook anything that a regular oven can. The only thing that you’re limited to is the size. But it’s perfect. I can’t say enough about it. Look at the reviews for it. It’s just phenomenal. It has a nice little LED screen. You can choose all of the different settings. I mean, it really does the job.

tiny house oven

Note: we highly recommend this oven if in the market for a Tiny House Oven. Check out all specs and pricing here: Breville Smart Oven.

I have some storage up there, very simple. This project; a couple screws, a couple mason jars. This holds my change. I made this holder. It’s just a piece of oak. I rotted it out. It’s stable and doesn’t move.

Underneath, I have a 30 gallon holding tank that you can see there. 30 gallons can last me a few days.

I hide my microwave under here along with other miscellaneous stuff. And here’s my refrigerator back here.

The Bathroom

This is the back hallway area and you can see my clothes storage on the left side. Three simple bins with shirts, pants, underwear and socks. It’s very easy to organize. I created this curtain. I didn’t want to create a whole wall with a separate room. So the curtain goes across very simply and gives you some privacy.

This is the view from inside the hallway.

Now onto the bathroom. I just use some coat-hooks.

I’m in the middle of a bathroom renovation. I have a small shelf with some mirrors. You can see the whole from the old ventilation. That needs to be filled in. Because, I got a new, Airhead toilet, which I highly recommend. We’ll be doing a post on the Airhead vs the Sunmar mobile. I’ve it for about two weeks and am extremely happy about it.

Note: we LOVE this toilet. For cost and details please click: Tiny House Airhead Toilet

I’m putting new floors in. Maybe some tile. I have to redo the sink here and create more cabinet space.

You can see behind me the shower. It’s a decent sized shower.

The Loft

This is the bedroom. It’s a loft right above everything else. I have a queen-sized bed. I actually have a little bit of room on either side for some shelving for clothes. I have my windows looking at the beautiful magnolia trees. I have reclaimed wood for the side here. It’s very thin and held on with some adhesive tape. All of the windows, even the one in the back, open up and out.

The Spiral Staircase

This is the staircase. Some people love the staircase, some people hate the staircase. It’s been called a “deathtrap.” A “terrible idea.” “Why would you have that?”

tiny house custom staircase

I have a degree in art so I can appreciate it for it’s sculptural value. It is efficient. It creates a lot of open space. I can’t put it away, which is the one disadvantage. But, I get to look at it and Zack Giffin made it. It’s gorgeous wood. It looks like there’s leaf petals or lily pads. It holds any weight that’s been put on it. Up to about 200 to 250 pounds and it’s had no problems.

The Atmosphere

One of my other favorite features of this house is the LED strip lighting. It comes with this little remote here. You just press “on” and very simply you see the lights up there. It’s going to mess with the camera for a little bit, so just bare with me. It changes different colors. You could do a flash, quick changes, and it looks really cool with the lights off.

Note: click to see cost, detail and specs on Tiny House LED strip lighting.

Thanks to Fran for the Tiny House Video Tour!

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  1. Hi! My family and I are considering going tiny and would love to meet up with you to talk – we are in Mary Esther, FL and I was shocked to see that you were so close! 🙂 Please shoot me an email if you are able!

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