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Tiny House Video Tour #1: Matt & Elena [Taunton, MA – 155 SF]

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Tiny House Owners – Matt & Elena

We’re happy to introduce you to Matt and Elena, from Taunton, Massachusetts. Matt has his Masters in Architecture and works at a firm part time while also running a successful illustration business called Gruneberg Illustrations (found here on etsy and here on Instagram). Elena works for Hasbro and, specifically, helps design packaging for the My Little Pony product!

Here’s some quick stats on their home.

  • Took 6 months to build
  • Trailer purchased from Tumbleweed Tiny House Trailers
  • Clapboard siding
  • Anderson windows
  • Stained glass (salvaged)
  • Wood Stove from shipmate
  • Paint from Sherwin Williams (Shire Green)

We’re excited to show you our first ever Tiny House Video Tour!

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In case you missed any of the specifics, here’s the video transcribed below.

When did you two know you wanted to live tiny?

[Elena] It was actually when we went to your house, Fran, that we really knew… that I really knew that I could live in a space like that. It felt really good and doable and comfortable. Like it was just very… I don’t know. I just remember it was such a moment for me. I thought about it and the benefits and I was so hesitant. It’s such a glorified thing that people are like “this is so great, this is so great,” but I didn’t know if it was actually valid. And then walking in I was like, oh I could actually do this and get tons of advantages from it.

[Matt] Not until you go in do you actually realize the scale and volume of it. It just feels so comfortable and real just like a home.

From deciding to live tiny to making something happen, how long was it?

[Elena] I think it was like three days after we talked about it that we ordered the trailer then it got real. We were like there’s no turning back now.

tiny house black and white

[Matt] The investment was great. It’s perfect because it’s built specifically for having a tiny house on it. Elena basically woke up one day and was like, “I think that’s what I wanna do” and I was like “alright, let’s go for it.”

[Elena] We were mentally on the same track.

Let’s look at some of the features of Matt and Elena’s Tiny House!

The Stairs

Here are our stairs. it’s a big feature that we like to show people. A lot of tiny houses have ladders or really shallow steps that are shelving and stuff. Matt came up with the design. They’re a little smaller than scale than normal stairs. They hold everything and they’re really chunky. They’re easy to walk up. You really only have to duck once you get to the top.

tiny house stairs matt elena

The Stove

Now we can move over to our main heating source, “Skippy.” It’s a cast iron stove made by Shipmate. They make stoves primarily for boats. This model is made for a 20 to 40 foot boat. It heats up the house pretty quickly. In about two hours you can go from 50 to 70 and after that you just shut it off and it will stay heated for the rest of the night.

We did tiling behind it. Some nice subway tiles. They’re pretty classic. Then we have a big reflector tile behind it. It keeps the heat from getting into the grout, I guess. It gets pretty hot back there.

This pipe is un-insulated. It’s not unsafe. It gets warm so we just put that behind for extra.

We have some slates underneath which are really beautiful. We got all this at Home Depot. It’s pretty cost effective. I think the slates were only a dollar or two each.

The Kitchen

We have our beautiful butcher block countertops, which aren’t actually butcher block, but stained pine. There’s a couple layers of polyurethane on that too, to keep the moisture from going into that. It’s also easy to clean. We used “marine grade” polyurethane. On the countertop is our lego version of our tiny house, which was really fun to do. We do stuff like that a lot.

We have a beautiful copper sink. It’s a hammered copper sink. It’s from Home Depot, but it’s one-of-a-kind. It’s turning green in some spots so it starting to get some character, which is really nice.

We have our little water jug there. It’s a gallon.

tiny house kitchen

We have some IKEA storage, which holds things pretty well. And some more over here where we keep all of our coffee and our produce.

We have a big shelving unit for all of our spices and stuff.

You’ll notice that we don’t have a fridge, which actually has worked out really well. We just make sure that we don’t make too many leftovers. If we do, we can give them to our parents. Everything we buy is fresh, or canned, or dry so we can just make it.

We have a lot of storage under this table too. We built this table. It holds our food and silverware and stuff, but it also pulls out and has a leaf on the back. We can have dinner with the two of us sitting on our chairs, from IKEA. It seems to be our favorite place. They’re actually really good because they tend to have a lot of European style stuff. They tend to have smaller apartments there. So a lot of their furniture is made for smaller areas, which works out for us.

The Bathroom

We used 1-inch hex-tiles for basically the entire shower except the floor pan, which was a basic, pre-molded pan. It’s really pretty and has a lot of character to it. We have some pretty normal fixtures. I think this shower is 1.5 gallons per minute, so it’s pretty economical compared to some of the others I think.

We have our other stain glassed window, which you can see, which is beautiful.

The design of our shower is restricted by the shower pan width, so we built this shelf to hold to hold some of the pipes that go underneath to our sink. It also holds some of our shampoos and other stuff. If you have a similar issue in your home, you may want to think about installing a brand new shower pan. To help you achieve this, you might be interested in a page like that has some great shower pan options that would look stunning in your bathroom.

We have this little bar sink and this vintage-looking faucet.

We have some storage here, which is also IKEA. And some hooks for hanging.

Here’s our fan. It’s loud. A good tip is to buy the cheapest fan you can find because it’s the loudest, haha.

We have a very simple composting toilet system. You can take a peak a little. It’s not dirty. There’s mulch in it. We throw our veggies and any cardboard and other stuff we have too. It’s also used for humanuer. Once the bucket is filled with mulch and veggies and organic material, we empty it all outside into a big composting receptacle. It breaks itself down and it’s very natural. It’s very rewarding to fill up a few bins outside and to watch it become dirt.

tiny house loft matt and elena

The Loft

Here is our loft, which is pretty spacious. We fit a queen sized mattress here. Again, it’s IKEA, so it’s a lower foam mattress. It’s not as high as other mattresses so we have a little more head space.

We have these three big cross windows here that match all of our other ones. All Anderson. Then another stain glass window. We have some shelving with books and stuffed animals. Then our big 27 inch iMac which we use for work and to watch Hulu and Netflix and stuff. Here’s our laundry and a light fixture and shelving over there. It’s very cozy – I think it’s my favorite spot in the house.

Thank you Matt & Elena for our very first TinyHousehold tiny house tour!

If you have a tiny home, we’d love to take a tour and show it off to our community. We have a super quick form here and we’ll follow up asap.

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  1. Love your story but what about, “The Land!” I really want to encourage tiny house builders, shows, workshops, DIYs etc. to talk candidly about siting their tiny house.

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      Hey Amy, we think you hit the nail on the head about this needing to be an open discussion. I believe right now it is the mentality of take it where you can find it. I know Matt and Elena are on family land. Every area is so particular on rules and regulations about tiny houses that until it becomes universal it will take time and energy on the owner to see what works for your area. Where are you from? Is there regulations in place to prevent tiny households?

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  2. I live in charlton ma and would love to set up a viewing of a tiny house is there any way I could do that?

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