tiny house sleeps 8 people

Beautiful 310 SF Tiny House Comfortably Sleeps 8 People!

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We recently came across Mint Tiny House Company and wanted to show off their amazing work. We were particularly impressed with the custom Tiny they built to sleep 8 people! We’re in no way affiliated with the company. We just think they’re a cool operation and wanted our users to see some of the wonderful options that exist for tiny house living.

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The company is owned by a husband and wife team based in Vancouver. The base price for their tiny homes starts at $40,500 for a 20-footer. But, they can build varying sizes from 16 to 34 feet. Every tiny home is custom built for the client’s specific needs. A client can get as involved as they’d like, by customizing every room of the house. Or, a the homeowner can take a more hands-off approach and choose from one of their existing models as a template.

The custom-built tiny house seen below sleeps up to 8 people! The 310 square-foot features two lofts, a couch that pulls out into a bed, and a separate bedroom. It also has a pretty sweet little front deck where we’d love to have a good coffee and a read.

One option when purchasing a tiny home from Mint is the opportunity to go “off grid.” The company can design all appliances and power sources to feed off solar panels, which can be installed on the roof. 

All units come standard with 3” RV grey water and black water hookups, which allows the option to hook up to any septic/sewer on site. The water is hooked up via garden hose connection.

Homes are fully insulated throughout the roof, walls and trailer using closed cell spray foam insulation. They also insulate between the floor joists and spray foam the underside of the trailers.

All homes are built to be street legal, adhering to the restriction of 8’6” wide x 13’6” high. As mentioned previously, length can vary from as short as 16 feet to a whopping 34 feet in length.

The lead time for a tiny home build with us is 6-8 weeks, in addition to the 4 weeks it takes us to have a custom trailer made.

For more info, feel free to visit Mint Tiny Homes Company! View more content on boulder architects.

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  1. i want to try one of your tiny houses,i want me and my mom to move into a tiny house,but have connecting storage house containers,and enough room for family to stay with us,and have room for our christmas trees,couches,dining room table,chairs,our coffee tables,my mom’s new easy chair,and one for my aunt,and enough beds for my cousins,and me.

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