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Tiny House Movement; the generation of… MORE?!

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The Tiny House Movement is the movement of more, not less. . . It is an idea that spans not just the millennial generation but also resonates with baby boomers, who also realize that less is more. We are for more freedom, more stability, more options, more to see, more to experience, more money, more to discover, more to give, and more to love! Just as an example or an idea for some of you, creating or looking at shipping container homes is a great way to utilize small space, and can leave you with many options to personalize and really make it your home.

Here’s how the Tiny House Movement has left me with much “more.”

  1. More Freedom

When you hear the word “freedom,” you know what it implies, but have you ever looked up the definition? One of the dictionary’s definitions of freedom states, “Freedom is the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.” This is the first argument that you will hear from the tiny community.

tiny house movement is freedom

The Tiny house movement is not a restoration of the 70’s hippie era. It’s about a shift in thinking. It’s about no longer being enslaved to what we are “supposed” to want. The Tiny house movement does not even require that you move into a tiny house. Rather, it just involves downsizing your life. It’s about the realization that “keeping up with the Jone’s” is a practice of the jaded.

2. More Stability

When it comes to taking care of this tiny household, “less” is absolutely more. Stability is definitely preferred with regard to home maintenance. Nobody likes surprises in this arena. Tiny house expenses are substantially less than those associated with owning a traditional, 2,600 square-foot home.

You’ll find a tiny house is much more stable than a traditional home. Simply put you have less stuff. So,there’s less to worry about. As a tiny household owner, you won’t wake up to a gigantic water tank explosion flooding your basement. Heating in the winter months will run you a couple hundred, not thousands of dollars. Stability with your house leads to more stability with your wallet. And most importantly, that leads to more mental stability.

3. More Options

Hmmm. . . how should I participate in the Tiny House Movement? Should I just downsize or should I looking into building or buying a tiny house. The tiny house movement itself was founded with the basic idea of living in small houses and has evolved into more of a mindset.

When it comes to having more options, we’re talking about the lifestyle options you have in down-sizing your current living situation or completely starting from scratch. If you decide to just start downsizing, here’s a strategy that we recommend.

Step 1: Pick up an object in your living space.

Step 2: Examine it, remember all the good times you’ve had. Mmmm, that was nice.

Step 3: Ask yourself this question “Have I used this object in the past year?” If this object is your toothbrush, then we hope the answer is easy. But, if the answer is “No, I have not used this object in the past year.” then this object needs a new home.

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Now if we’re ready to start exploring a tiny home to live in, then the options are endless. You can decide to have a more traditional tiny house that mimics a little cabin. Or, you can go with something contemporary that you would see in an art gallery. OR, you even have the option to design something completely original. You can start a whole new style to contribute to the tiny house movement.

When we say the tiny house movement provides options, we are not just talking about style, not just a cleansing process, but a journey that may open up doors you never thought of.

4. More Experiences

What comes to mind when you think of the best experiences you’ve ever had… or, the worst? Think about the trail of experiences that have led you to this website right now. If you are looking for a change in your life and are considering joining the tiny house movement, it truly is the beginning of a wonderfully unique experience. It is something that will open doors for you.

For some of you, it may lead to a whole new direction in your life. The tiny house movement may become your entire life. Just look at Tiny House Giant Journey as an example. Or, check out Matt and Elena Gruneberg who wanted to start their marriage off just a little simpler than most.

Depending on your goals, living tiny can very well be “THE” tool to a whole new world of opportunity and experience.

5. More Money

If you want less financial obligation, let the tiny house movement guide you into a lifestyle of tiny debts. Once there are little or no bills attached to your beautiful little palace, the world is now your playground. If you need to take on a mortgage like online personal loans, your payments should be considerably more manageable than the contemporary alternative.

tiny home financial freedom

The experience of a debt-free life will open up a world of less stress and more possibilities. Not only will your most significant, fixed expense be wiped out (or at least partially), but your ongoing expenses as well. Heat, water, taxes, maintenance, and every other home bill are much less frightening.

6. More to Discover

Do you want to discover more about yourself, your family, friends, or partner? Build a tiny house! Becoming part of the tiny house movement will give you the opportunity to learn a new set of skills you may not have taken on with a traditional home.

Building tiny will not only test your engineering skills, but also your patience with friends, family, or whoever is helping you build. This unique tiny home project will produce bonds as one-of-a-kind as the house you’ve created. Just make sure there’s enough beer and pizza for everyone to go around when the day is through.

Discovery doesn’t end with the building process. Rather, it serves as a welcome mat by uniting you with all those who have traveled the path of tiny before. There are new communities to discover, exciting people to meet, sustainability to uncover, and endless possibilities now just a few tiny steps away!

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