12 Texas Tiny Houses you can Rent

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The Tiny House Movement has exploded in recent years. It’s a very romantic idea… shedding your worldly belongings and eliminating the financial burdens and permanence of a typical home.

It can also be a huge risk. If you’re currently a homeowner, you may have deeply planted roots. It’s possible you have a lot of important memories tied to your current living situation. And maybe associated financial obligations, check this online installment loans gadcapital.com. You’re likely very comfortable with your space and physical belongings. This is common.

People have mistakenly committed to the tiny house lifestyle and later regretted it. It’s a huge decision. If it’s not the right one for you, you can always check out these homes for sale and see what else is on offer.

Fortunately, we know of one great way to hedge your risk. Simply try out the lifestyle before you dive in.

Spend a few days in a tiny house and see how it feels. This should help you answer some of those BIG questions, like…

  • Will I feel claustrophobic?
  • Can I cook normal meals?
  • Am I able to relax?
  • Will I miss having more space?
  • Can I handle the bathroom situation?
  • Will my partner and I get annoyed with each other?
  • Can my pet fit?

I’m sure there are many more you can think of.

When it comes to these major issues, don’t speculate. Give it a test run. You should be able to find plenty of options on AirBnB. Below we highlight 12 of the most interesting Texas Tiny Houses throughout the state.

airbnb credit

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Why did we choose the Lone Star State? Because “everything is bigger in Texas!” Wait… no, that doesn’t make sense. Oh yeah, because we have a huge following there. And many of you have told us that you’re contemplating the tiny lifestyle.

Texas Tiny Houses on AirBnB

To help, we’ve found these amazing Texas Tiny House Listings for you on AirBnB. If you give it a go, please send us an email and let us know how it went!

#1 – “The Kanga Tiny House”

Texas Tiny Houses Listing

Description: “Our beautiful, minimalist Tiny House is a comfortable home base for tourists and business travelers. We look forward to hosting you in the heart of East Austin, just 1.5 miles from the convention center, and 10 minutes from the airport.”

Size: 200 SF

Location: Holly Neighborhood – Austin, TX

Interesting tidbit: there’s no TV but a wireless charging station for your devices

Price: $120 per night

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#2 – “Tiny House”

Tiny House

Description: “Tiny House is on a quiet street, centrally located, and walk-able to South Congress & Downtown. The open floor plan & loft bedroom is perfect for two, but can sleep four with sleeper sofa. Private entrance, off street parking & 2 bicycles included.

Location: Travis Heights – Austin, TX

Interesting tidbit: 2 bicycles included

Price: $165 per night

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#3 – “Tiny House Rental Waco or Temple TX”

tiny house waco tx

Description: “As seen on HGTV. Cozy & Quiet getaway on 2 acres. Within 20 minutes from Temple or Waco Texas. 1 full size bed in upstairs loft . In ground pool, gas/charcoal grill access. 186 approx sq. ft with Compost Toilet &rainfall shower in downstairs bath”

Size: 186 SF

Location: Eddy, TX

Interesting tidbit: Featured on HGTV

Price: $79 per night

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#4 – “Outback Desert / Guadalupe Mt Retreat”

Guadalupe retreat

Description: “This is a rustic, 1-room house, off-the-grid in the high desert. The views are awesome & the solitude is rare. There is, however, a fine white dust almost always covering surfaces inside, no matter when cleaned. Beware anyone with bad allergies.”

Size: 220 SF

Location: Dell City, TX

Interesting tidbit: VERY secluded with amazing view of the stars

Price: $49 per night

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#5 – “Fresh + Modern + Bright Tiny House”

modern tiny house

Description: “New, comfy & modern. This studio fits 2 people and has beautiful natural light. Includes efficiency kitchen and front porch for chilling out. Quiet, tree-lined street in NE Austin. Close to great restaurants, pools, parks, & 10 min to downtown.”

Size: 200 SF

Location: Windsor Park – Austin, TX

Interesting tidbit: it’s brand new

Price: $120 per night

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#6 – “Tiny House / Cozy Cottage”

cozy cottage

Description: “Adorable tiny house, 1 mi to the Alamo, 0.8 mi to the River Walk! Comfy double bed, shower, wifi, kitchen with sitting area, small front brick patio with seating. 188 sq/ft of San Antonio heaven. One block from Hays St bridge and city bicycle rental.

Size: 188 SF

Location: San Antonio, TX

Interesting tidbit: one mile from the Alamo

Price: $80 per night

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#7 – “COOL!! Downtown Austin TINY HOUSE with Bikes”

downtown austin tiny home

Description: “Your own private retreat in an ideal location, Tiny House style! Charming neighborhood with restaurants, bars and grocery store. Excellent proximity to downtown and all that Austin has to offer! Cheap bike rentals! Walk to ACL!”

Size: 180 SF

Location: Clarksville – Austin, TX

Interesting tidbit: huge patio area

Price: $89 per night

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#8 – “Vicki Won – Texas Tiny House”

vicki one texas tiny house

Description: “Be forewarned: staying here may drastically change your life. Seriously. You may catch the tiny house bug & want your own. Design, build or buy it. Whatever route, however you get here: Welcome to our corner of Tiny. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
There’s a twin bed & chairs on the main floor & a queen bed in the loft.

Yes, there’s electric & water. There’s A/C, fridge, coffeemaker, sinks in the kitchen and bath, a regular toilet. Nearby Bath House for private showers. 10′ X 17′ = 170 square ft.

Size: 170 SF

Location: Luling, TX

Interesting tidbit: 95% pure salvage

Price: $70 per night

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#9 – “Tiny House Behind Art Gallery”

tiny house behind art gallery

Description: “A cozy contemporary cabin like structure behind live/work art gallery. Close to Dart, Downtown, Arts District, Farmers Market, Deep Ellum, Convention Center, Market Hall. Sharing a deck is our larger listing- Shotgun house behind Art Gallery.”

Size: 192 SF

Location: Cedars – Dallas, TX

Interesting tidbit: Built from reclaimed wood

Price: $86 per night

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#10 – “The Kidd – Tiny Texas House”

the kidd texas tiny house

Description: “The Kidd DEFINES the concept of tiny. It packs many amenities into a unique 63 square feet. Its custom-made slab table can seat two easily, four if they get cozy. This Organic Cottage may become your favorite tiny and IS a charmer!”

Size: 63 SF

Location: Luling, TX

Interesting tidbit: 43 acres to explore

Price: $50 per night

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#11 – “Cozy, bright lofted studio”

bright lofty studio

Description: “Bright and airy with awesome deck. Convenient central location. Walking distance to tons of eateries, drink spots, coffee shops and groceries. 2 blocks from the light rail station which runs downtown, or 5 min bike ride/10 min walk. Private entrance.”

Size: 200 SF

Location: East Downtown – Austin, TX

Interesting tidbit: awesome deck

Price: $100 per night

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#12 – “Modern South Austin Micro Unit”

austin micro unit

Description: “A modern, detached 250sq ft micro-unit “casita” in the heart of old South Austin has everything you need for a pleasant stay – high beadboard ceilings, an equipped kitchen, washer/dryer, queen bed and proximity to some of the best Austin offers.

Size: 250 SF

Location: Austin, TX

Interesting tidbit: very fast gigabit internet

Price: $85 per night

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Let us know which of these 12 you’d most like to stay in!

If you’re considering downsizing, we really hope you’ll try one of these Texas Tiny Houses listed above. If you do, make sure to use this promo link for $40 in free AirBnB credit.

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  1. My friend Karen and I would like to get away from her husband and grand kid’s and my son and have really fell in love with these little House’s. Please tell me more. TY.

  2. Was very interested in these small houses and would like to maybe like to visit y

  3. I am looking for a Tiny House to rent in San Antonio, Tx. I will be working in the 78229 area code, 5000 block of Fredericksburg Rd area. I would like to be close to work, or not far. I have dog. Do you have any tiny homes for rent in San Antonio, or suburbs?

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      Hey Laura – Here at Tinyhousehold we do not sell or rent tiny houses but in this article we do point to rentable houses in Texas. Our suggestion is to contact one of the owners of these rentable tiny houses and they could point you in the direction of potential houses for you. Thanks for checking out Tinyhousehold.com

  4. I will be driving to Austin, TX from OREGON, due in Austin april 26, 27, 28, for medical conference as well as fun, exploration and good, old road trip style vacation from the known to the unknown, no limits, no boundaries, no preparations except to travel light & go far.

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