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21 Genius Space Saving Ideas & Products for your Small Home

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Our community has chosen the tiny house lifestyle for a variety of reasons. Some seek financial freedom, some prefer flexibility, and some strive to achieve a minimalist way of life. Regardless of why we choose to live in a small space, we can all appreciate the need to keep that small space organized. You might find that you have to put some of your things in storage such as Storefriendly Singapore as one option, while making the most of the space you do have in your home. So we scoured the market for the best space saving ideas and products to make the most of your limited space!

The goal is not to cram more “things” into less space, however. We don’t encourage you to use these clever space saving gadgets to pack additional items into your home. But, rather to declutter your existing living situation, and to squeeze an extra few square feet of space here and there to enjoy.

21 space saving ideas

Before you read this, we challenge you to take a walk around your tiny house, apartment, or whatever you currently call “home.” Notice the areas that look cluttered. Make a mental note of these opportunities. As you check out the space saving ideas below, see which of those would help address the congestion in your space.

Click through for pricing and full details on each space saving product below. Also, if you’re into Pinterest, you can find these products on our TinyHousehold Pinterest profile as well!

21 Super Clever Space Saving Ideas & Products

Space Saving Ideas #1 of 21: Accessories hanger

#1 – Accessories Hanger / Organizer

The accessory hanger lets you neatly organize your belts, scarves, jewelry and more. If you’re like me, your belts are all curled up in your shoes. Your jewelry is tangled up in a bowl on your dresser (or MIA). And, your scarves are piggy-backing a shirt that’s hung up in your closet. Now you can consolidate all of the snake-shaped items in your house and neatly organize them in one place. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to immediately save some counter and floor space!

Space Saving Ideas #1 of 21: Hanging Organizer

Space Saving Ideas #2 of 21: Couch Arm Rest Table

#2 – Sofa Arm Rest & Organizer

This space saving product offers a clever alternative to a bulky end table. How often do we really use coffee and end tables? For us, very rarely. Instead, this portable option provides a platform for your dinner, drinks, and hot fudge sundaes. Then, you can put it away and reclaim that space. Or, keep it as a permanent fixture and take advantage of the convenient storage pockets. You’ll find it perfect for remote controls, utensils, and maybe some napkins in case you get a little too aggressive with that sundae.

furniture organizer on amazon

Space Saving Ideas #3 of 21: Collapsable Colander

#3 – Flat Colander

I love spaghetti. But, I don’t eat it with enough frequency to let a strainer to take up 1/5 of my cupboard space. This is one of those products that’s so clever, it serves as not only one of our favorite space saving ideas, but also a great party trick. The next time that you have the crew over for “Italian night,” you’re guaranteed some “oohs” and “aahs” when it comes time to strain your noodles. Once you open your bottom drawer and slide out this flat colander, all heads will turn. You can overcook the pasta and water down the sauce and this will be the only thing they’ll remember.

flat collapsable colander

Space Saving Ideas #4 of 21: Coke Crate Storage

#4 – Crate Organizer

With this space saving product, you also get a pretty sweet decorative piece in your tiny house or apartment. If the vibe in your place is “vintage,” this is the perfect addition. The crate has a distressed look to it and includes 20 open containers. The seller has the “Coca Cola” arzizona air conditioning tempe products occasionally, but sometimes just generic milk crates. These are great for spices, canned goods, or anything else that would normally serve as clutter in your drawers and cabinets. While they’re not cheap, we think it’s worth the investment.

organizer crate

Space Saving Ideas #5 of 21: Furniture Riser

#5 – Bed Risers with Plugs

Often in tiny homes and smaller spaces, we try to take advantage of vertical space. This product does just that by lifting up your bed and utilizing that otherwise unused capacity. It’s like unearthing an entire dresser that you didn’t know was there. In addition, you get the added convenience of both standard outlets and USB! Many tiny home owners that we know use their bedrooms as their main source of entertainment. This allows the user to plug in TV’s, laptops, gaming consoles, phone chargers, and anything else that needs some juice.

Bed riser on amazon

Space Saving Ideas #6 of 21: Hanging Pan Organizer

#6 – Kitchen Space Saver / Pan Hanger

Are your kitchen cabinets packed, but the walls of your kitchen empty? If so, you might consider saving some cupboard space by hanging some items with this product. It also looks pretty cool. Decorating a kitchen is tricky. We love taking functional items and giving them an artistic quality with commercial kitchen equipment repair. That’s why this kitchen hack is one of our favorite space saving ideas.

hang pots to save space

Space Saving Ideas #7 of 21: Wall Mounted Heater for Small Spaces

#7 – Flat Wall Mounted Heater

Typical indoor heaters are ugly. This flat, wall-mounted heater is attractive out of the box, but also customizable. You can paint it, cover it with art, or whatever you’d like. I know you’re probably thinking that a paint-job would melt off and leave a colorful puddle on your floor… but, you’re wrong! This brilliant product operates at a much lower surface temperature than most other heaters. You set the temp and a convection heater does the rest of the work. In case you’re worried about noise, the product has no noisy fans. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, it’s also eco-friendly and will save you a bunch of money in heating bills!

flat eco friendly heater on amazon

Space Saving Ideas #8 of 21: Vertical Wine Rack

#8 – Vertical Wine Rack

Again, the theme here is utilizing vertical / wall space. And like the crate container shown above, this wine rack does so in an elegant way. It’s almost a piece of art in and of itself. If you’re like us, then you always have a few bottles of red on hand. Why not showcase these while also freeing up some counter or cabinet space?

vertical wine rack

Space Saving Ideas #9 of 21: Vertical Kitchen Pan Rack

#9 – Vertical Pan Rack

Don’t stop with stacking your wines. Let’s get your pans involved in the party. This clever space saving pan holder also provides easy access. You can organize by size or just slide them in there however you’d like. The rack can go on your countertop, or you can hide it away in a cabinet if you’d prefer. Either way, you’ll free up plenty of room while also allowing a “quick-draw” for when you need an omelette, ASAP.

kitchen product on amazon

Space Saving Ideas #10 of 21: Slide Out Kitchen Pantry

#10 – Slide-Out Kitchen Pantry

This is one of our favorite space saving ideas for the kitchen. We love it because it’s so “James Bond-ish.” Dinner guests will give up when searching for the paprika just in time for you to wow them with your spicy secret. When you slide out this hidden pantry, get ready for some jaw dropping and a few, “you’re so clevers.” Then, make it rain crushed red pepper like it’s 1999. Note: this party trick combined with the flat colander seen above might be too much for some guests to handle in one night. Use with caution.

Slide out kitchen pantry amazon

Space Saving Ideas #11 of 21: Sink Organizing Gadget

#11 – Sink Organizer

Organize all of your bathroom products right there over the sink. Are you sick of playing the balancing game with soaps, tubes, and sprays on the edges of your sink? No more. Set this convenient rack up right over the faucet and you just created a new home for your toiletries.

bathroom small house on amazon

Space Saving Ideas #12 of 21: Bathroom Shower Curtain Organizer

#12 – Pocketed Shower Curtain

This is another space saving product that serves the dual purpose of design. In addition to freeing up tons of counter and cabinets space, you’ll create a fun look to your bathroom. Mix and match different products in different pockets for a new feel. You may even find yourself buying different bathroom items just to show them off in your new pocketed shower curtain.

on amazon

Space Saving Ideas #13 of 21: Roll Up Kitchen Drying Rack

#13 – Roll Up Drying Rack

Typical drying racks are clunky. They take up residence next to your sink and cost you valuable counter top space. This sleek solution solves that problem. After your done cleaning your ice cream bowls, unroll your drying rack right over the sink and let them air dry right there over the drain. We’ve found that it’s also handy for washing fruits and vegetables. A third use that we’re still considering is as a sushi rolling mat. We’ll let you know how that goes.

on amazon

Space Saving Ideas #14 of 21: Fold Up Ironing Mat

#14 – Portable Ironing Mat

Imagine storing an ironing board in a drawer. With this space saving idea, you’ll never have to deal with a big, bulky surfboard-like item taking up valuable room in your place. This portable ironing mat has weighted edges and is heat resistant. Lay it on the floor, countertop, bed, wherever most convenient for your iron session.

Portable ironing mat

Space Saving Ideas #15 of 21: Efficient Furniture Storage

#15 – Ottoman & Shoe Storage

Shoes often pile up in front of the door and make for an annoying first experience when getting home from a long day of work. An obvious solution to this is to invest in a shoe rack. A not-so-obvious solution is to invest in a shoe rack that doubles as a piece of furniture check (office furniture)! We’re all about “dual-purpose” items here at and this is one of our favorite space saving ideas for just that reason. In addition to storing shoes, we find it’s also great for other items like blankets, towels, sheets, etc.

furniture with storage

Space Saving Ideas #16 of 21: Small Kitchen Storage Tupperware

#16 – Nesting Food Containers

Are you currently devoting an entire drawer or cabinet to ghetto tupperware (empty yogurt, salsa, hummus containers)? If so, this is the item for you. Regardless of the pile of leftovers at the end of the dinner party, you’ll have ample storage with your nesting food containers. And, you won’t have to dig through endless piles to search for that one elusive, fitting lid. And, if you have something that you need to keep extra, super fresh, you can nest it in multiple, sealed containers (joking… totally unnecessary as one will work just as well). Another fun use is to prank your roommate/spouse/kids by sealing their items up in multiple layers to really make them work for that last slice of apple pie.

nesting tupperware

Space Saving Ideas #17 of 21: Mirror and Ironing Board

#17 – Fold-up Ironing Board & Mirror

If you’re really picky about your ironing needs, the portable ironing mat mentioned above in the post might not suit your needs. You may need the real deal… a full ironing board solution. Not to fear, we’ve got the product for you. And… it’s Dual Purpose! You can tuck away your ironing board, close the door / mirror, and look yourself in the eyes and say, “good job saving space on this product, me. You deserve a piece of cake.”

ironing board on amazon

Space Saving Ideas #18 of 21: Magnetic Kitchen Knife Holder

#18 – Knife / Utensil Magnetic Holder

This tends to be a crowd favorite and we think that we know why. Like the pot hanger mentioned earlier in the post, this item looks really cool (particularly if you have a nice set of knives to show off) while also being incredibly functional. It’s also pretty fun to dry a utensil after washing it, then slap it onto the side of a refrigerator. The magnetic holder holds way more than knives, too. Anything with a metal edge to it can live up there, like scissors, spatulas, ladles and more. Get ready to hear, “wow that’s so clever” from guests!

magnetic knife holder

Space Saving Ideas #19 of 21: kitchen Saran Wrap Holder and Hider

#19 – Tin Foil / Saran Wrap Holder

This is one we like to call a “think outside the box piece.” Who’s to say you have to use a magazine holder to hold magazines? The man, that’s who. Well, the man can read all the magazines he wants and leave us be with our space saving ideas. You an get one of these holders fore a very reasonable price, then easily install it on the inside of a cabinet door with some screws or heavy-duty double-sided tape. It perfectly fits all of those items that would otherwise cost you one valuable drawer. What are you going to do with that extra drawer? The possibilities are endless.

magazine holder saran wrap

Space Saving Ideas #20 of 21: Kitchen Pegboard Holder

#20 – Kitchen Pegboard Holder

Again, vertical space is the name of the game. Your kitchen wall becomes your artistic and storage canvas once you cover it with this already-attractive kitchen pegboard. Once up, you can hang anything with a hook or handle. In addition to all of the space you’ll save, you’ll also easily find and access all of your cooking items. Rather than digging out a sauce pan from the back of a cupboard, you can pluck it off of your wall right there in front of you.

kitchen wall pegboard

Space Saving Ideas #21 of 21: Eco Egg Small Washing Machine

#21 – Mini Washing Machine

What’s the biggest appliance in your home? I’m guessing it’s your washer / dryer. With this space saving idea, your laundry needs will be solved by an appliance smaller than your microwave. It may look like a miniature pod from the show Mork & Mindy, but this thing is the real deal. You obviously won’t be able to launder your comforter in the Eco Egg Washing Machine, but it’s perfect for smaller items like socks, underwear, and shirts.

mini washer drier

If you know of any tiny house owners looking to free up a few square feet here and there, make sure to send them our space saving ideas. If you’re a tiny home owner making the most of your space, please include any other clever products in the comments below!

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