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One of the most Stunning Tiny Houses we’ve ever seen… and it’s for Rent!

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Amazing Oaxaca Tiny House for Rent

The pictures say it all for this Oaxaca Tiny House. The stylish modern architecture combined with the simplicity is just stunning. It looks like the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the real world. And, you won’t believe how cheap it is and check this contact info.

In addition to the beauty seen in the pics below, the home also offers the following amenities.

  • Private beach
  • Hammock
  • Pool
  • Small garden
  • Brick oven (great for pizza)
  • Private beach walkway

Other than that are the very basics. Check out these amazing pics.

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Where is this Tiny Oaxaca Home?

It’s located in the town of Oaxaca, Mexico. According to Wikipedia, the area is most known for its indigenous people and culture. The surrounding landscape is described as “rugged and isolating.” It’s believed that these conditions have contributed in supporting the authenticity of its native culture.

Oaxaca Tiny House Location

But, you won’t exactly be roughing it in “Casa Tiny.” In addition to its close proximity to the beach, you’re also close to Casa Wabi and your stay includes “privilege access.” Casa Wabi is described as follows on their site.

Created in 2014 by Mexican artist Bosco Sodi , the foundation adopts its name from the concept “Wabi-Sabi,” which represents a vision of the world focused on the acceptance of the ephemeral and the imperfect. Based on this philosophy, Casa Wabi, located on the Oaxacan coast, was designed by the renowned architect Tadao Ando (Pritzker 1995), looking to generate a space conducive to interaction; Where our residents and the communities of the region eat together.

Also nearby is Hotel Escondido, which is said to have a great restaurant.

How much to rent this Tiny House?

The tiny home is currently listed on AirBnB for $83 per night and $118 on weekends. We’ve used AirBnB a lot and this seems to be a great price given all of the stuff mentioned earlier. If you haven’t used the site yet, you can also use our discount code by clicking below. That will give you a free $40 on your booking! We use AirBnB far more than hotels these days. If you haven’t tried it, you definitely should!

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Casa Tiny House Reviews

The home has a perfect 5-star rating with over 90 guest ratings. But, we wanted to highlight a couple just to give you a taste of the reaction guests have had staying here and the impact the Duplex Designs had on them.

“Casa Tiny was the perfect place for me to end journey through Mexico and hit the reset button. Total peace and tranquility.”

“Casa Tiny can be easily described as a piece of heaven in earth. The perfect combination of wildness, beach, wood and concrete make the experience of staying there a truly must for anybody in the need of remembering how wonderful the world we live in actually is. Go to the market and make sure to grab fresh fish, a big ball of oaxaca cheese, chocolate and a bottle of mezcal. Once you have arrived stop by Casa Wabi cause it’s totally worth it. And please, PLEASE climb the rocks next to the beach where the house is located, you won’t regret it.”

“Wow, just wow. Casa Tiny is unlike any other place I’ve stayed in before. Casa Tiny is truly a magical place on earth and my four days here were incredible. Architecturally, Casa Tiny is outstanding. Beautifully designed and well equipped, this place has everything you need for the perfect stay. We loved being disconnected and not having wifi and allowing ourselves to truly unwind and enjoy the wonderful home and it’s surroundings. I loved having access to the private beach and facilities at Hotel Escondido but to be honest, we hardly left Casa Tiny because we loved it so much. Our time at Casa Tiny was truly an unforgettable one and it was a dream to be able to stay there.”

To see this amazing place, you can find the Casa Tiny House listing here on AirBnB. If you book, make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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