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Portable Washer Video Review – Airing Our Dirty Laundry

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Video Review – Easy Go Portable Washer

We just got the EasyGo Portable Washer tiny laundry system and we’re excited to share our feedback with a quick video review!

When talking “tiny houses,” people rarely think about or mention “laundry.” It’s common to get questions about storage and closet space. But, what happens when those clothes get dirty?

I often wonder at what point do tiny house owners (or aspiring owners) consider this? I also wonder if any of them don’t think about it until they’re living tiny and out of clean underwear.

Tiny Space Laundry Options


The most obvious option is to take it to a laundromat. That’s also the most time consuming. The travel and waiting around are no fun. Nor are the awkward laundromat conversations… “umm… can I borrow a cup of laundry detergent?”

Full Washer Dryer Unit

An alternative is to include a full washer & dryer unit within your tiny home. This is the most expensive (at least up-front) option. Another obvious downside is the forfeiture of space. When living in 140 SF, a laundry unit can take up over 5% of your entire footprint! They’re also utility hogs, sucking up lots of electricity and water. If that’s not enough detergent… I mean deterrent, they can also heat up your tiny home pretty quickly.

Portable Washer

We’ve chosen what we consider the cheapest and most convenient laundry option. A “portable washer.” Specifically, we chose a brand called the Easy Go Washer.

It has a low purchase price and very low operating costs. It’s environmentally friendly and significantly smaller than a traditional washer / dryer unit. Also, it takes two minutes to wash a load. Literally, 120 seconds!

Check out the included video to see our un-boxing and demo of the Easy Go Portable Washer unit. It’s a countertop washer that uses a tumbling action (hand propelled) to create pressure and clean your stanky clothes.

Here’s some quick facts to accompany our Easy Go Mobile Washer Video Review.

  • Holds up to five pounds of laundry
  • Lightweight & mobile
  • Hand operated
  • Great for delicate garments
  • 12 inches X 16 inches in size

You can find both tiny house portable washer products used in the video review here.

Easy Go Washer Verdict

Overall the Easy Go clothes cleaner is a great addition if you’re trying to downsize and to decrease your utility usage. We definitely recommend this product.

The materials used are durable and should last at least as long as a typical washing machine unit.

The assembly of the Easy Go portable washer was so minimal that you could start washing your clothes in just a matter of minutes. The unit comes with a single sheet of instructions. Not only does it provide a guide to easy assembly, but also instructions on the proper clothes to water to detergent ratios based on what you’re cleaning.

The compact unit is designed to create pressure when rotated. This pressure fills the washing chamber, pushing water and detergent through the fabric. While we’re not entirely sure how or why this happens, it seems to work in the time we’ve had to test it.


One drawback to portable washers like the Easy Go is the load capacity. This washer is meant to do small loads of laundry (up to five pounds).

Although the capacity is minimal, the short washing time makes up for this. You’re able to complete more cycles in a short amount of time.

Another slight issue; these hand-powered washing machines aren’t as powerful as a typical laundry unit. If you have wine stains or the like, you’ll need to hand-scrub those a bit. The unit is best suited for standard clothes use, as opposed to your sons rugby jersey.

When living tiny there will always be compromises to make. But, we don’t consider this to be a significant compromise.

The Easy Go Portable Washer provides a quick and easy solution. For your normal laundering needs, we think you’ll be happy with this unit or a similar model (The WonderWash looks to be identical).

If you have another method of cleaning your clothes in a tiny house, please share those in the comments below!

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