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Tiny House Table Product Review – Video Demo [Winsome Foldable Table]

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Living tiny is a huge lifestyle change for those sizing down from a “normal” home. There are a tremendous amount of “things” you’ll need to ditch. A “table” is pretty essential, however.

In previous product reviews, we looked at our new Airhead Composting, Diverting Toilet and our EasygoWasher Mini Washing Machine for our normal sized clothes. We got some great feedback from users who bought and loved these items. So, we now want to show you our new Winsome Folding Table.

Why I got a new Tiny House Table

A sturdy table is a “must have.” You’ll likely eat most meals there. It’s also great for games, reading, work, and other activities. It needs to be comfortable, convenient, and small!

If you watched my original picture and  tiny house video tour, my table was lacking. I actually made it myself and was held up by a bunjie cord.  It served its temporary purpose, but I needed a better solution.

We did a bunch of research and read countless reviews. With reviews like this, we were persuaded: “I’m rarely blown away by products I buy. But I can’t stop raving in my head about this purchase.” Finally, we found our new tiny house table!

What Tiny House Table We Got

I settled on the Winsome Folding Table with two stools (Currently $95.99).

Here are some product details.

  • Breakfast bar set is ideal for small dining areas
  • Includes a table with drop leaf and two stools
  • Constructed of Beachwood in natural finish
  • Available in Round and Square

Here’s the description from the seller:

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On wheels for easy transport, this bar conveniently comes with two stools that can be stored on the cart.There is a square drop leaf table that accommodates two people.Use it in the kitchen or out on the patio for an effortless outdoor meal.

Why I Settled on the Winsome

The Winsome model had the look, size, and functionality I was looking for. It also has great reviews (4.5 of 5 stars). Over 800 people have purchased from this supplier, so I felt comfortable ordering.

Also, the table was priced within my budget. At less than $100, I was very happy with the cost. It almost seemed too good to be true, but I decided to go for it anyway.

Additionally, the product offers a Manufacturer’s warranty, so as to limit risk even more.

Winsome Tiny House Foldable Table

Product Deliver & Installation

Shipping was very quick. I received the product within a week after ordering.  The table, stools and all pieces came in a fairly manageable box. As you can see in the video, the items were well-packed to prevent dings and dents during shipping. Cardboard and foam surrounded most pieces for extra care.

Once I had everything out of the box I unwrapped all items to make sure it was all there. After unpacking, I took note of the solid wood used in a teak finish.  It felt of surprisingly high quality when considering the price. I then gave myself a little pat on the back and continued on.

Directions stated that assembly time was roughly an hour. I didn’t believe it at first, but it turned out to be fairly accurate. The various pieces and included hardware all felt of equally high quality. I wasn’t nervous at all when assembling the smaller pieces as I’ve been in the past with IKEA products.

The table went together very smoothly and with no real issues. I promise that I didn’t edit out any tears. The most difficult part was centering the tabletop to make all the holes lined up.  A small trick is to align two screws that are opposite each other, diagonally. You can see that I did this in the demo video.

The stools were a breeze to assemble. They’re very sturdy and comfortable enough. If you’re extra crafty, you could make a small pad for each to soften it up a bit.

Construction took me about 50 minutes, but that includes filming. It was a pretty easy 50 minutes. I built this on the floor of my tiny house which is 7’ 2” wide and had no problems.

tiny house foldable table

The Aftermath

When all said and done I am really impressed with this affordable, high-quality, foldable table from Winsome. I am using it as I type to write this piece. I now feel comfortable to invite friends over to sit around my “large” (relatively) table, eat a meal, play a game, or anything previously limited by space.

My final verdict is that the table is a steal. We confidently place our TinyHousehold “seal of approval” and encourage you to consider it if in the market. Check out more details and plenty of other reviews here for the Winsome Tiny House, Foldable Table on Amazon.

Stay Tiny my friends!

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