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Couchsurfing a Tiny House – Would you after seeing this video?

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Mike is a couch surfer on a road trip traveling to various cities across the United States.

As he was en route to his next destination, I offered Mike a couch to crash on in my tiny house.

Mike had no experience with tiny houses prior to this visit.


Introducing Couchsurfing Guest, Michael Bernal

My name is Michael Bernal and I’m currently on a cross country road trip. My starting destination was Miami Florida; more specific, in Pembroke Pines Florida, which is about 30 minutes north of Miami and right now I am in Niceville USA.



What did you think of tiny houses before you came?

I have always seen them on the internet and TV shows and I’ve always been interested in learning more about them and living in a more simplistic matter. I had never experienced one first person, living in one… and living here for the past 24 hours has been an amazing experience. It’s something that you have to have an open mind for, just like anything in life.

What is couch surfing?

Couchsurfing is a community of people. It’s an online community where they offer you to stay in their homes for free. Usually you could trade something as cooking or an experience to make your host more comfortable as well as your guest. So it’s just like an AirB&B kind of idea, but without money exchanged.

What do you bring to couch surfing?

One of my things that I love to do is cook. So whenever I find the kitchen that one that my hosts is willing to offer me, I will cook in the kitchen and prepare meals. I typically go 3 to 5 days in advance and every host that I encounter, I like to offer them a nice cooked meal and an experience. And I also teach them how I made it to prove and to show that you can cook while on the road and not spend so much money eating out.

What were your first thoughts when you pulled up to the tiny house?

Right before pulling up I was having second fake id, I was thinking about the 150 square feet and it was hitting my head… just that perception of space and size was scaring me a bit and I’m trying to have an open mind on my trips. As soon ss I pulled up, I saw the home and I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I got to meet Fran and he was very welcoming and I’m just honestly fascinated by the home. I can’t believe it’s 150 square feet. It feels like a lot more. And like I said, it’s optimal for the living that I want to do and the simplistic living that I want to accomplish. I’m very interested in learning more about it.

Can you see yourself living in a tiny house?

Now that I’ve been living here for about 24 hours, I am extremely passionate about the tiny house and I want to hear more about it. But I see this is as my perfect lifestyle. I see how it can be harder for multiple people to live in,Scannable Fake ID, for for a single person it’s definitely optimal and definitely something I’d be super interested in for my future lifestyle choice.

Do tiny houses and couch surfing really mix?

I definitely do think so. Right now we coexisted and we lived together for a day. it worked out perfectly. It actually allows you to stay in a home and explore the area instead of just staying in the home. Then when you come back you’re so much more appreciative of your living area.

Do you think you want to live in a tiny home?

So the reason I think I want to live in a tiny home is honestly just experiencing it. It’s completely different from seeing it on the internet or a TV show. When you actually get to experience it, fake ids,you realize that it’s more than enough room than need. For my own personal tiny home, I would customize it to fit my knees, like cooking and I wouldn’t concentrate too much on the TV area or a desk area. So what’s awesome about these tiny homes is that you can customize it to your liking.

Closing Words…

My name is Michael Bernal and I aspire to be a future tiny homeowner.

If you’re interested in Michael’s traveling plans, you can follow those by clicking here for his couchsurfing profile.

couchsurfing a tiny home


Couchsurfing a Tiny House – What do you wanna know?

Are you curious about anything not covered in the video?  Like, where did Michael sleep? How much time did they spend inside the house together? What did they do?

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