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Hi, I’m Fran

Hello my name is Francis Camosse and I am a Tiny Household owner. I have been living in my 155 SF tiny house for almost two years. My story begins like many of you living, or thinking about living, tiny. It began with my love of travel.

At a young age, I always loved exploring. I had the opportunity to travel to many countries right out of college. I soon realized there is so much to see in the world. Why would anyone ever want to be confined to one location? There are too many interesting places to see and people to meet.

My Walk

I took my love for travel one step further (actually… many steps further) when I decided it was time to make a sort of pilgrimage. A pilgrimage that explored the space between Point A and Point B. When we travel it is usually the destination that we have in mind and not so much the journey. We want convenience, comfort, efficiency, and speed to get to our destination. I wanted the opposite. In April 2010 I wanted to know what was in between. So, I decided to walk from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. Over the next 152 days I learned more about myself and the world than in any other time in my life.

fran cross country walk

The biggest realization that I took from my journey is how little I truly needed. The idea of tiny living slowly began to reveal itself to me without really knowing too much about the growing tiny house movement. I just knew I did not need much to survive. A roof. Water. Food. Friends & family. Almost everything else is non-essential. If I could comfortably attain those basic needs, I could enjoy this new wide world much more.

Tiny Living

In my first attempt at this new lifestyle, I tried to reduce my belongings to just 100 things… and, I failed miserably. Soon after, I discovered “tiny houses.” In 2012, I decided that I wanted to give it a shot. I researched as much as possible, involved friends and family in the design, and even went to a workshop to learn as much as I could about tiny houses. The day finally came when I went to go get my tumbleweed trailer to start my build – it was October 31, 2013.

I began construction with a couple buddies and it was going well. The subfloor was on and I was ready to frame the house when I saw an ad on another tiny house website. I clicked on the link about a new TV show that was airing. I sent an email describing what I was doing and how it was going. Long story short – two months later (March of 2014), Tiny House Nation came to Charlton, Ma and began filming and building.

fran tiny house nation

The experience was one I will never forget. Tiny House Nation helped me build a beautiful tiny household that I have resided in happily for the past two years. I am currently down in Florida discovering the southern part of this great United States with my tiny house right near the ocean. The world is too big to just be stuck in one place. The tiny house movement changed my life and I am so happy you are here and I know it will change your life as well. Tiny on’ my friend, tiny on!

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Tiny House Nation

Below is a preview of my Tiny House Nation appearance. You can see the full episode here.

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