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Travel Vacuum Bags

$23.00 (as of 03/27/2017, 5:29 am)

The perfect storage for your tiny house. Need a little extra room and have extra clothes lying around. These vacuum sealed bags do not require any equipment to seal, just fill, seal, and roll!

TRAVEL VACUUM BAGS 3X THE SPACE SAVING. 3x more things you can put into your suitcase or closet using Vacuum Compression Bags.
NO VACUUM OR HAND PUMP REQUIRED. Perfect for use while traveling or tiny house living.
EVERY BAGS FOR CLOTHES ALWAYS REMAIN AIRTIGHT. Make sure that you tightly close the space bag and it is guaranteed to remain sealed throughout use in a suitcase or on a shelf of your closet.

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Product Description

Need extra space for those extra clothes in your tiny house? These roll up vacuum bags are the solution to your extra clothes problem. Do you want to take a maximum number of things, but everything you need just does not fit into a suitcase or tiny house storage? There is a solution – Vacuum travel bags zip lock. These wonderful packages will allow you to reduce the volume of the contents by 2/3, which means you can pack into a travel bag 3 times more things.

If you have already used Vacuum travel bags with pump while traveling, then you know that you have to look for a vacuum cleaner, or all times take with you Hand Pump for pumping out the air. Forget about it!  The Best part about these bags are that Our Travel Space Saver Bags Work Without a Pump or Vacuum Cleaner. Just place your items in the bag, zip, and roll it. So simply! This is the easiest and most convenient way to save space for travel.

There are 8 packs in a set:

  • 4 Large (19.7″ x 27.6″, 50 x 70cm)
  • 4 Medium (15.7″ x 23.6″, 40 х 60cm)

Each travel bag from MINTY HOME is guaranteed to perfectly create a vacuum inside and not be breathable during use. Providing correct and complete closing of the package, you can be sure that water, insects, dampness, mold, dust, mildew, odors, and bacteria do not get to your belongings.


GUARANTEE from manufacturer: 30 days.


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