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Tiny Houses: Tiny House Living with Example Plans

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Tiny Houses
Small house, tiny house, minuscule house; whatever size adjective you want to use there is a growing fascination in the world with fun size housing. Gone are the days where economic living space was the source of shame and embarrassment, instead it is the height of conscientious living, style, and character. The fascination with monster living space, space far surpassing the needs of shrinking families, is waning, paying to heat and maintain several spare rooms that are used for nothing but storage is losing favor.

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So you are interested in tiny living and all excited to get started on your new adventure, that’s great, but where to begin once the initial excitement wears off. This book is the guidebook for you. It brings the realities of tiny living to you before having to face the problems first hand. Long gone are the days of monster houses and unused space, take advantage of a tiny lifestyle and approach with the most knowledge possible. Let this book help with your dream tiny house design and alleviate the question of “How am I going to keep modern convenience but still live tiny?” Use the knowledge and experience others to begin your journey today!


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