Portable Fold-Up Ironing Matt

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If you live in a tiny home or other small living space, this is your ideal solution for ironing your clothes while saving space.

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Imagine storing an ironing board in a drawer. With this space saving idea, you’ll never have to deal with a big, bulky surfboard-like item taking up valuable room in your place. This portable ironing mat has weighted edges and is heat resistant. Lay it on the floor, countertop, bed, wherever most convenient for your iron session.

You can now iron anywhere with this compact, weighted mat. It measure 18 inches by 31 inches and has weighted corners for easy ironing.

It’s 100% cotton – no weird, space-age fabrics or metals are included in this mat.

The product is heat resistant and is ideal for small touch-up jobs or fully ironing shirts, pants, or other. It’s a much better ironing solution if you’re in a smaller living space!

Your compact, fold-up ironing mat comes equipped with the following features.

  • 18 inches by 31 inches
  • 100% cotton
  • Weighted Corners for no slippage
  • Easily foldable for storage
  • Ideal for small apartments and tiny homes


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